Very traditional

At Valentina Snacks we use top technology for the elaboration process, but when it comes to the ingredients, we keep it traditional. Only in this way we can obtain products that are 100% natural.

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Very Mediterranean

Being made of healthy ingredients with a unique mediterranean taste, it’s up to you if you just snack on them or have them as an accompaniment to any kind of meal.

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Very international

Valentina Snacks are available in XX countries and can be delivered to any European country within 48 hours.

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The best way to know
our products is trying.

Is our product right for you?  You need to try them! Please complete the form and we will send you a sample selection of our products as soon as possible.  We hope like our other satisfied customers you will be overwhelmed! For distribution partners only.

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Valentina Snacks - Test product
Valentina Snacks Personalized Packaging
Valentina Snacks Personalized Packaging


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100% natural products

Feel free to check out the composition of our products to be sure that they are only made of ingredients that are 100% natural.