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To ensure we only produce products to the highest standard, our Bakers  are committed to the traditional methods where they combine wheat, yeast and finest ingredients to produce connoisseur doughs. Our Suppliers are in close proximity to our factory ensuring maximum integrity. 


Our Family business of some 100 years has handed traditional methods down so today’s generation can continue these master baking skills. With much foresight, our Valencian Great-Grandfathers were inspired to introduce innovative ingredients to the recipes such as, salt, oil, tomatoes, garlic, herbs, dry mixed fruits and thus by doing so turned a homemade bread into something much more.


Our Bread Snacks today are not only delicious but can be eaten as a meal accompaniment, on their own or topped with a favourite indulgence. 






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Valentina Snaks Talk

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Feel free to check out the composition of our products to be sure that they are only made of ingredients that are 100% natural.