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We are delighted to work closely as the chosen supplier for our customers. We values are four-fold, namely: TRADITION, PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND EXPECTATIONS, CAPACITY AND COMMITMENT:

8.2 Million Bags exported in 2013


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Valentina Snaks Talk
 TRADITION: We always adhere to traditional methods and recipes as befits our culinary inheritance. The taste of the Mediterranean through our products is of paramount importance. 
 PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND EXPECTATIONS: We always work with the Customer to provide the product aspired to whether in our Brands or Own Label. We provide a tailormade product handling all elements from Technical to Logistics.


CAPACITY: With flexibility to work up to 24/7 52 weeks a year boasting state-of-the-art technology, we welcome regular business, large one-off orders and meet the challenges of urgent deadlines. [/one_whole]

COMMITMENT: We pride ourselves on the highest standards of production with Food Safety Accreditation, Internationally recognised Certification and Responsible Sourcing Policies.

Valentina Snacks Personalized Packaging
Valentina Snacks Personalized Packaging


Did you know…?

If you are
a distribution partner,
we can customize our products according to your brand.


Valentina Snaks Talk

100% natural products

Feel free to check out the composition of our products to be sure that they are only made of ingredients that are 100% natural.